Landscape Construction

Patios – Walkways – Driveways – Retaining Walls

With the ever-increasing textures and colours of interlocking pavers, retaining wall products and the abundance of natural or faux stone products available, there is a material to match everyone’s style.

Designs can be complicated or simple yet elegant, small and private or grand and luxurious.  Whether you would like to create your own private oasis or an area to entertain friends and loved ones, designs are based on your needs, character and the aesthetics of your home.

Garden Beds – Trees, Shrubs, Perennials and Annuals

Gardens bring colours, textures, scents and beauty that captivate our senses.  The gardens also produce spaces for the birds to forage and nest.  Whether you are an avid gardener or not, a garden can be created to suit your personality.

Water Features and Garden Ponds

Water features can create a small trickle of water, a raging river or a waterfall.  They can flow into a pond, pool or reservoir.  Garden ponds, waterfalls, bubbler rocks and/or other water features can be used to create a soft, pleasant background sound that can be used to mask the sound of a nearby busy road or highway.

The soothing sounds of water splashing on rocks, a glance of fish swimming in a pond, or birds bathing in shallow water, all generate a relaxing atmosphere which can be captured in your own backyard.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting can add beauty and depth to your property at night.  Lighting portions of your home, structures, trees and shrubs around your property, pathways, steps and pool edges can create a visually pleasing effect.  By creatively using landscape lighting around your property, we can extend the enjoyment of your property well into the evening hours, as well as, increase the safety of your family and guests entering and leaving your home.

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